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This is intended to be a guide to help you start from zero knowledge of Linux.

While the material may initially seem daunting, don't be discouraged. If you've been able to pick up R or SAS to do any work, you'll be able to easily figure out how to use Linux.


step 0

Zeroth, go through this interactive crash course (45min):

If you can pass all four short quizzes, you can move on.

step 1

First, go through this intro tutorial (1hr):

This is a tutorial that is typical for any specific Linux system, I think this one was originally written for the XSEDE system Stampede at TACC. Instead of 'vi' you should probably use 'nano' to edit files, it's easier. PDF slides to go along:

step 2

Second, go through this intro tutorial (4hrs):

step 3

Third, read through this book (10hrs):

step 4

Fourth, take this free self-paced course (40hrs):

step 5

Next, look for a tutorial specific to one of our systems: Farmshare, sherlock, xstream, etc.

scientific computing "Best Practices for Scientific Computing" a paper written by biologists for biologists in 2014

In support of the basic concepts espoused above, there is a great website:

A great and accessible intro to using 'git' is here:

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