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Like Jupyter but on FarmShare2.

  1. ssh rice
  2. module load anaconda3
  3. jupyter notebook
  4. hit Q and y to exit the CLI browser that comes up by default

Now you have a terminal sitting there with instructions with a URL with a token. Note the port number and also the full URL and also the hostname in your CLI prompt. e.g. "http://localhost:8888/?token=b758b09b77a7409599110e8c0269cd88d7ad8447cea266b7" on rice13

In a new terminal:

  1. ssh sunetid@rice13.stanford.edu -L 8888:localhost:8888
  2. this will map the port 8888 on your localhost to port 8888 on rice13

Now you have a second terminal sitting there running a shell and a port-forward tunnel.

In your local browser, put in the URL that is printed in your first terminal. And you should see your Jupyter notebook.

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