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There is a lot of software available on the FarmShare systems. The systems run Ubuntu, so a lot of Ubuntu packages are installed.

There is also some licensed software installed:

Don't use /usr/pubsw

Maybe use /usr/sweet/bin, though we'll be installing new versions of software outside of AFS, use module avail instead.

more complete example

[] ~ [0] 
$ module avail
------------------------------------------- /mnt/glusterfs/software/free/modules/tcl/modulefiles --------------------------------------------
MATLAB-R2009b     MATLAB-R2010b     MATLAB-R2011b     StatTransfer-10.1 StatTransfer-11.2 stata-v12         

[] ~ [0] 
$ module load StatTransfer-10.1

[] ~ [0] 
$ st --version
Stat/Transfer (c) 1986-2011 Circle Systems, Inc. 
Version 10.1.1847.0331 - 64 Bit Linux

User:	Pat Box (1) - Stanford University
License Type:	Linux - Single Machine Lease
Warning: Your annual license is in its last month.
Status:	License OK - Expires April 30, 2012
Stat/Transfer is running in a remote secure shell. A workgroup license covering all users may be required.
Please contact our sales department ( for more information.

[] ~ [0] 
$ module unload StatTransfer-10.1

[] ~ [0] 
$ module load StatTransfer-11.2

[] ~ [0] 
$ st --version
Stat/Transfer (c) 1986-2012 Circle Systems, Inc. 
Version 11.2.2013.0330 - 64 Bit Linux

User:	Jane Tansuwan - Stanford University
License Type:	Linux - 50 User Workgroup / Lease
Status:	License OK - Expires April 30, 2013

[] ~ [0] 
$ module help StatTransfer-11.2
Module Specific Help for /mnt/glusterfs/software/free/modules/tcl/modulefiles/StatTransfer-11.2:

	 ITS-maintained Stat/Transfer v11.2 (in GlusterFS)
	 use st for command-line version
	 use stattransfer for X11 GUI version


We use 'modules', a commonly used software package in HPC environments:

The 'module' command has been added to your environment, but if you have modified your environment away from the defaults, you will need to source the module env vars for your shell:

  If using sh/bash/ksh/zsh, add this to your .bashrc

     eval `tclsh /mnt/glusterfs/software/free/modules/tcl/modulecmd.tcl sh autoinit`

  If using csh/tcsh, add this to your .cshrc

     source /mnt/glusterfs/software/free/modules/tcl/init/csh

  If using perl, put this in your script

     eval `tclsh /mnt/glusterfs/software/free/modules/tcl/modulecmd.tcl perl autoinit`;

For example, try something like this at the end of your .bashrc:

if [ "${HOSTNAME:0:4}" = "corn" ]; then
  #source farmshare modules
  echo "on a corn! try module avail"
  eval `tclsh /mnt/glusterfs/software/free/modules/tcl/modulecmd.tcl sh autoinit`

Then you can do something like:

module avail
module load stata
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