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Packaged Software

FarmShare systems run Ubuntu, and most software is installed using packages available from the standard Ubuntu repositories. Select external repositories are used to provide more frequently updated versions of very commonly used software (e.g., R).

Commercial Software

Some commercial software is also available, but please note that this software is licensed for use on FarmShare only in coursework, and not for research. Licensed software is made available using environment modules, and can be accessed using the module command.

Software Modules

Software not installed from packages is managed using Lmod environment modules. Use the module avail and module spider commands to list available software, and module load to load desired modules. You can unload modules and restore a previous environment using the module unload and module purge commands.

An Example: Using MATLAB

which matlab
module avail
module spider matlab
module load matlab
module list
which matlab
module unload matlab
which matlab
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