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Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy)

As of mid-april 2014, there are 20 corn (corn21-40) and 5 barley (barley1-5) are running Ubuntu 13.10 and are accessible via the corn-new.stanford.edu DNS entry.

Please send e-mail to research-computing-support@stanford.edu if you see any problems.


You can check which OS release most easily with the command:

 lsb_release -a

The main DNS entries are: corn, corn-new, corn-old, cardinal, rye

New Features


  • Matlab 2013b and Matlab 2014a (module default)
  • Sentarus sde now works on corn (and also on rye)
  • Intel compilers are available. This includes c/c++/fortran/MKL. rye01/rye02 and corn31-40 are all intel cpu


  • rye01 has been upgraded to 7x C2070 tesla GPU
  • rye02 has been upgraded to Cuda 6.0. (rye01 will follow soon if there are no problems found)

Known working:

  • MATLAB R2013B and MATLAB R2014a on corn-new (corn21-corn40)
  • FarmVNC

Known not working:

  • module defaults

if you receive a message like this when you login to corn-new:

Restoring modules to user's default

Lmod Warning: The system MODULEPATH has changed: Please rebuild your saved collection.

Restoring modules to system default

The system default contains no modules
  (env var: LMOD_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_MODULES is empty)

then do this:

  • rm .lmod.d/default
  • logout and login again
  • module load all of the modules you use commonly
  • module save to save them as defaults
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