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Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy)

As of June 12 2014, farmshare has been migrated to Ubuntu 13.10. If you ssh to corn.stanford.edu you will land on a pool of Ubuntu 13.10 machines. Please note that as the old 13.04 nodes drain of all user jobs they will be rebuilt as 13.10 systems. This may take a few days to complete. Also note that the logins to the old machines will be restricted to just those users who are logged in and running jobs.

Please send e-mail to research-computing-support@stanford.edu if you see any problems.


You can check which OS release most easily with the command:

 lsb_release -a

The main DNS entries are: corn, corn-new, corn-old, cardinal, rye

New Features

intel compilers

  • Intel compilers are available. This includes c/c++/fortran/MKL. . These compilers are centrally licensed by Research Computing for the Stanford research community. Please contact us if you would like to incorporate these tools into your workflow.

To try it out you can build the MKL examples on the corn (corn31-40 and rye01/rye02 have intel cpus)

$ module load intel
$ cd /tmp
$ mkdir inteltest
$ cd inteltest
$ tar zxf $MKLROOT/examples/examples_core.tgz 
$ cd blas
$ make sointel64


Newer versions of SAS expect you to configure a "remote browser". But it is not necessary, we added to /srv/zfs01/software/non-free/sas94/SASFoundation/9.4/sasv9_local.cfg

 -helpbrowser SAS
 -xrm "SAS.webBrowser: /usr/bin/firefox"
 -xrm "SAS.helpBrowser: /usr/bin/firefox"


  • R 3.0.1 gcc 4.8.1 and many others
  • Matlab 2013b and Matlab 2014a (module default)
  • Sentarus sde now works on corn (and also on rye)
  • Intel compilers are available on corn (see above)


  • R 3.0.1 gcc 4.8.1 and many others
  • rye01 has been upgraded to 6x C2070 tesla GPU and cuda 6.0
  • rye02 has been upgraded to Cuda 6.0

Known working:

  • MATLAB R2013B and MATLAB R2014a on corn-new (corn21-corn40)
  • FarmVNC

Known not working:

  • module defaults

if you receive a message like this when you login to corn-new:

Restoring modules to user's default

Lmod Warning: The system MODULEPATH has changed: Please rebuild your saved collection.

Restoring modules to system default

The system default contains no modules
  (env var: LMOD_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_MODULES is empty)

then do this:

  • rm .lmod.d/default
  • logout and login again
  • module load all of the modules you use commonly
  • module save to save them as defaults
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