Fisher Group Alumni

Graduate students

Patrick Thanapat Worasaran
Thesis: Probing quantum criticality in an iron-based superconductor with symmetry-breaking strain
Graduated: August 2021

Elliott Rosenberg
Thesis: Multipolar order and fluctuations in TmAg2 and YbRu2Ge2
Graduated: August 2020

Joshua Straquadine
Thesis: Evolution of the charge density wave state in the rare-earth tritellurides under uniaxial stress and disorder
Graduated: June 2020

Johanna Palmstrom
Thesis: Elastoresistance of iron based superconductors
Graduated: March 2020

Alex Hristov
Thesis: The response of electronic nematic order to dynamical strain: a study of the iron based superconductors
Graduated: June 2019

Maxwell Shapiro
Thesis: Elastoresistivity as a probe of electronically driven rotational symmetry breaking and its application to the hidden order state in URu2Si2
Graduated: June 2016

Paula Giraldo-Gallo
Thesis: Phase Separation in BaPb1-xBixO3 and Fermiology of Hole-Doped PbTe: Insights to Understand Superconductivity in Valence-Disproportionated Systems
Graduated: June 2015

Hsueh-Hui Kuo
Thesis: Electronic Nematicity in Iron-Based Superconductors
Graduated: Sept 2014

Jiun-Haw Chu
Thesis: Broken Rotational Symmetry in Iron-Based Superconductors
Graduated: March 2012

Eric Samulon
Thesis: Magnetic phases of the frustrated spin dimer compound Ba3Mn2O8
Graduated: Dec 2010

Ann Erickson
Thesis: Paring Mechanisms in Superconductors with Valence-Skipping Dopants
Graduated: May 2009

Kyung Yun Shin
Thesis: Electronic Structure and Charge Density Waves in the Rare Earth (R) Tellurides RTe2 and R2Te5
Graduated: September 2008

Nancy Ru
Thesis: Charge density wave formation in rare earth tritellurides
Graduated: April 2008

Yana Matsushita
Thesis: Superconductivity and mixed valency in thallium-doped lead telluride
Graduated: April 2007

Suchitra Sebastian
Thesis: Bose-Einstein condensation in spin dimer compounds
Graduated: April 2006


Maja Bachmann

Pierre Massat

Philip Walmsley

Harlyn Silverstein

Jiun-Haw Chu

Scott Riggs

Hanoh Lee

James Analytis

Masters Students

S. Aeschlimman (2015-2016)

Undergraduate Assistants

S. Reid (2016-2017)
D. Abrams (2016-2017)
A. Zannos (2013)
C. Schulze (2012)
P. Summers (2012)
A. Bleich (2011-2012)
J. Kenahan (2010)
H. Lewis (2009)
C. Kucharczyk (2008 - 2010)
M. Shapiro (2007 - 2010)
M. Kraning (2007)
K. Rogers (2007)
G. Margulis (2006-2007)
M. Kerzner (2006)
M. Rosen (2006)
M. McCourt (2005)
A. Sommer (2005)
P. Brooks (2004-2005)
P. Wianecki (2004)
P. Tanedo (2003-2004)
D. Yin (2003)
Z. Madon (2003)
T. Huie (2002-2003)
B. Sammuli (2002)
T. Holme (2001-2003)

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