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How To:  Request a New Non-Sponsored Account (PTA)

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click to show more/lessStep 3 – Complete Award Information

Important:  Please maximize your browser window from this Step on as some buttons are located at the right of the screen.

click to show more/lessStep 8 – Upload Attachments (optional)

You may attach written justification for new account setup.

bullet iconStep 9 – Set Up Approval / FYI Routing

My Organization Requires My Approval Only

My Organization Requires Approvers in Addition to Me


What's Next?

  • Your request is routed to the Fund Accountant and/or designated financial approver for approval. A notification is sent to individuals selected as FYIs.
  • Check the request status on the dashboard under the Account Setup: In Progress section.
  • To make changes to a completed request, see For Updating PTA Attributes section on the How To... page.


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