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PTA Manager detailed reporting can be performed using the Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Reference Data and Inquiry Dashboard. Use the dashboard to report on PTA listing and inquiry, Org inquiry, Fund authorization, and Award configuration.

See OBI Financial Reporting for information about getting access, available training, report overviews and other resources.

Inquiry Tools

Fund Title Query

Use the Fund Title Query to quickly find information about a Fund(s) and its PTAs to determine if it is appropriate to use the fund for a specific transaction.

  • Find fund(s) based on a search of the fund title (Award name) or number. The search is not case sensitive, and does not need to contain the whole title, just a word or partial word.
  • Look up information about a fund, including the fund purpose and the Project-Tasks linked to the fund (Award) and a variety of attributes.
  • See How To: Identify PTA Using the Fund Title Query.

Financial Approval Authority Query

Use the Financial Approval Authority Query to find authorized approvers for a Project-Task or an Award. This is particularly useful to those verifying authority off-line.

  • Translate the approval authority entered in Authority Manager to how it is used in Oracle Financials.
  • View scope, limit and contact information for approvers.
  • See How To: View Authority Assignments.
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