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How To:  Clear an Advance

Before You Start

Cash advances are limited to out-of-pocket business expenses associated with travel, and incentive payments to human subjects. See Admin Guide 5.4.1 for University policy.

Advances are allowed for faculty, staff, and students.

Visitors may not receive a cash advance.

When an advance is requested, the preparer is required to enter an Expected Clearing Date for the advance funds, which is the date the preparer expects to clear the advance funds in an expense report (e.g., the last day of the trip or event). This will be the date on which the advance funds will become available in Expense Requests for clearing in an expense report.

click to show more/lessStep 1 – Create a New Expense Report for the Payee of the Advance

See How To: Create Domestic Expense Report or How To: Create a Foreign Expense Report for a SU Payee.

click to show more/lessStep 2 – Apply Advance

Apply advance to the Expense Report as Shown in Apply Advance, Step 9 of How To Create Domestic Expense Report or Step 8 of How to Create a Foreign Expense Report .

  1. Whether it is the full amount of the advance or a partial amount, the amount you indicate to be cleared will be deducted from the reimbursement total.
  2. If some of the advanced funds are unused, see How To: Return Unused Advance Funds.


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