Determine If Non-PO Payment Is for a Foreign Expense

Use the following table and additional description to determine if a Non-PO Payment should be classified as a foreign expense.

  Foreign Expense Domestic Expense Category
icon - an airplane in cardinal red color  Travel Origin or destination (any leg) outside the U.S. Origin and destination inside the U.S. Expense Requests System > Expense Report
icon - a box opened  Goods (Paid for out of pocket) Used outside the U.S. Used inside the U.S. Expense Requests System > Expense Report
icon - a man on the left, lifting the cogwheel (symbol of tools)  Services Provided or consumed outside the U.S. Provided or consumed inside U.S. Expense Requests System > Non-PO Payment

– or –

iProcurement > Purchase Requsition/PO

Domestic Expense:

Foreign Expense:

  1. First, determine if the expense is during foreign travel – that is, the origination location or the destination location, during any leg of a trip, is outside the U.S.
    • If yes, the travel expenses and any other expenses (e.g., honoraria, conference registration, goods and services purchased, regardless of where they are used, provided or consumed) incurred or paid as a result of the trip are considered Foreign Transactions.
    • If no (not foreign travel-related), then go on to step 2.
  2. Second, determine if goods are used, or services provided or consumed outside the U.S.
    • If yes, it is a Foreign Transaction.
    • If no, it is a Domestic Transaction.

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