Determine Transaction Type for New Transaction

Consider the following when deciding what type of new transaction to create.

Expense Reports

Create an expense report for business-related expenditures and reimbursement requests, including out-of-pocket business expenditures and travel expenditures purchased with a Stanford Travel Card.

The Expense Report Type depends on the payee:

SU Payee – Stanford University student, faculty, staff, or emeritus

Non-SU Payee – any individual or company who is a visitor or supplier

See Guidelines – Foreign Expenses to determine foreign expenses.


Cash advances may be requested for out-of-pocket business expenses associated with travel (domestic or foreign) such as airfare or, in some cases, anticipated cash expenditures to be incurred during business travel. Advances can also be requested for incentive payments to human subjects. The advance funds must be paid to an SU Payee.

Request – select to request advance funds for travel or incentive payment for human subjects.

Clear – opens an expense report to clear an advance, and to allocate those funds. Enter the SU Payee who received the funds as the payee of the expense report.


Non-PO Payment

Select Non-PO Payment to pay for certain types of expenses that do not require a formal purchase order, or, for which negotiation by the Procurement department adds no value. Refer to Guidelines for Use of Non-PO Payment Categories.

Single Payee – select when there is only one payee. Some categories allow non-PO payments to both SU Payees and Non-SU Payees.

Multiple Payees – select to process a non-PO payment for 2 to 50 payees in one transaction.


Petty Cash Replenishment

Only Petty Cash Custodians will see the Petty Cash Replenishment option on the home page. Use this option to replenish petty cash funds, and reconcile a petty cash account.


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