Guidelines for Use of Expense Report Categories

Expense Reports are used to report business and travel expenses (including TCard and receipt-based expenses) for the purpose of expense approval, and the allocation of expenses to the appropriate Project, Task, Award, and Expenditure Type (PTAE). An expense report may also result in a reimbursement to the Payee for eligible out-of-pocket expenses.

Each expense report will fall into one of the categories listed below. When creating a new expense report for an SU Payee, begin on the General Information screen by choosing the correct category based on the descriptions below.

Category Description
Athletics Use Only Used only by the Athletics department
Expenses (Domestic U.S.)
  • Travel expenses for which both the origination and destination locations are within the U.S.
  • Goods used in the U.S.
  • Services provided or consumed in the U.S.

See below for additional guidelines

Expenses (Foreign)
  • Travel expenses for which either or both the origination or destination location (during any leg of a trip) is outside the U.S.
  • Goods used outside the U.S.
  • Services provided or consumed outside the U.S.

See below for additional guidelines

Human Resources Only Used only by Human Resources staff
Human Subjects To reimburse SU Payees for out-of pocket funds used for incentive payments to human subjects, or for human subject travel expenses
Relocation Expenses related to employee relocation

Additional Guidelines for Determining Domestic vs Foreign Transactions

  Foreign Expense Domestic Expense Category
icon - an airplane in cardinal red color  Travel Origin or destination (any leg) outside the U.S. Origin and destination inside the U.S. Expense Requests System > Expense Report
icon - a box opened  Goods (Paid for out of pocket) Used outside the U.S. Used inside the U.S. Expense Requests System > Expense Report
icon - a man on the left, lifting the cogwheel (symbol of tools)  Services Provided or consumed outside the U.S. Provided or consumed inside U.S. Expense Requests System > Non-PO Payment

– or –

iProcurement > Purchase Requsition/PO

Domestic Expense:

Foreign Expense:

  1. First, determine if the expense is during foreign travel – that is, the origination location or the destination location, during any leg of a trip, is outside the U.S.
    • If yes, the travel expenses and any other expenses (e.g., honoraria, conference registration, goods and services purchased, regardless of where they are used, provided or consumed) incurred or paid as a result of the trip are considered Foreign Transactions.
    • If no (not foreign travel-related), then go on to step 2.
  2. Second, determine if goods are used, or services provided or consumed outside the U.S.
    • If yes, it is a Foreign Transaction.
    • If no, it is a Domestic Transaction.

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