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How To:  Review and Approve Journal Entries

Before You Start

Be prepared to determine if:

  • The expenditure is reasonable, necessary and compliant with all University policies,
  • The charges are correct, allowable for the account, allocable, and properly coded,
  • Charges are appropriately documented and are recorded in a consistent manner, and
  • Funds are available in the account being charged.

Reference Resources: Proper Coding of Allowable and Unallowable University Expenditures.

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click to show more/less Step 3 – Approve or Reject the Journal

Approvers do not have the option of modifying the journal. If an approver finds anything wrong with a journal, they must reject the journal in order to return it to the originator for modification and re-routing.


What's Next?

  • After the final approval, the iJournals system validates the journal a final time to ensure nothing has changed (e.g., PTA segment closed) since the transaction was submitted.
  • If the journal is valid, it will post to the General Ledger. If it is not valid, the system rejects the journal and sends a notice to the originator, with copies to Approvers and/or FYI recipients. The originator must update the journal and resubmit.


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