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Oracle Financials Basics

Using Oracle Financials Home

Enhanced Table Icons and Functions

Supplier / Payee Setup

About Supplier / Payee Records and the Supplier / Payee Portal

Make a Supplier / Payee Request

View Pending Supplier / Payee Requests

Complete a Supplier / Payee Request for Confidential Information (Secure Portal)


Set Up iProcurement Preferences

Change the Deliver-To Location

Buy or Request in iProcurement

Non-Catalog Orders  –  Create a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition

Assign Carts

Assign a Cart in iProcurement

Locate and Act on an iProcurement Cart Assigned to You


Attach Documents  –  Refer to Step 4, Page 2 of Create a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition

Items Shipped to Stanford from a Foreign Country  –  Refer to Step 3 of Create a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition

Approve / Edit Orders

Approve or Reject a Purchase Requisition

Check Approval Status  –  Refer to Step 2 of View Requisitions, Purchase Orders, or Invoices

Change / Cancel Orders

Change a Standard Non-Catalog Purchase Order

Change a PTAE on an Approved Purchased Order

Cancel a Purchase Requisition / Purchase Order (PO)

Finally Close a Purchase Order (PO)

Receiving and Returns

Receive Goods

Correct Receiving

Return Goods


Charge Multiple PTAs  –  Refer to Step 4 of Create a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition

Use Multiple Expenditure Types  –  Refer to Step 4 of Create a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition

Upload an Invoice

Mail an Invoice to Accounts Payable

Payment Requests

Request Rush Payment

Request Will Call Check


View Requisitions, Purchase Orders or Invoices

View or Suppress Commitments


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