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How To:  Assign a Cart in iProcurement

Before You Start

Users are able to assign a cart to another Stanford user in iProcurement from any of the shopping applications within iProcurement: Amazon, Non-Catalog Requisition, CardinalTemps, and SmartMart. Note: When using SmartMart, you have the option of assigning a cart with this new functionality, or using the Assign a Cart that is available within SmartMart. (To review that process, see Step-by-Step Instructions for SmartMart Users).

The new owner of the cart can add additional lines to the cart but only if the Category Prefix is the same. The Category prefix can be found in the Category column of the cart line items (e.g., ZWA.GOODS, STANDARD.SERVICE). For example, prefix ZWA can be from SmartMart or Amazon and prefix STANDARD is from Non-Catalog Requisition. A single requisition can have Amazon and SmartMart products and can have different suppliers for products but must adhere to the same Category Prefix.

Note:  One requisition can only have one deliver-to address.

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bullet iconStep 2 – Add Items to a Shopping Chart

Note:  If you are adding an item having a Category prefix (e.g., ZWA vs. STANDARD) different from the one in the original cart, the item will not be added to the cart in either Amazon or SmartMart and an error message will display in Non-Catalog Requests. See Before You Start section for more information.



Non-Catalog Requisitions

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