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How To:  Upload an Invoice

Important Note:  Suppliers should mail invoices directly to Accounts Payable (suppliers should see Supplier Instructions for Submitting Invoices). Uploading invoices should be the exception process. Read Overview: Purchase Order Invoice Processing.

Before You Start

In the event you receive an invoice, ensure invoice meets Stanford's invoicing requirements before uploading it.

If you have an electronic file of the invoice, follow the Upload Instructions below. If you only have paper copy of the invoice, see Mail Invoice to Accounts Payable.

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What's Next?

  • If invoice meets specified criteria, Accounts Payable will process the invoice and schedule payment per the terms specified on the purchase order (e.g. Net 30 days from date of invoice). Visit Payment Handling Methods and Processing Times page for more information.
  • If the invoice does not meet specified criteria, Requisition Originators will receive an email alert notifying them of an invoice hold, the reason and required action.
  • Retain hard copy invoices until you have verified that the invoice uploaded successfully, and you have confirmed payment processing is complete. See Administrative Guide Policy 3.1.5: Retention of Financial Records.


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