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2020 IRS Form W-4

2020 Tax Withholding Changes

Preventing Fraud on Credit Cards

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FMS Featured Initiatives

OBI News: Improvements to ERR Dashboard  (posted December 9, 2019 | see archives)

The redesigned reports should increase effectiveness, while reducing pain points related to reconciliation.

Travel Forum: Save the date  (posted September 25, 2019 | see archives)

The 11/21 Forum will feature educational sessions and a travel showcase.

2018 Survey Feedback and Action Plans  (posted September 25, 2019)

Project updates and FMS' organizational evolution.

Business and Travel Expense Policy Update  (posted April 30, 2019)

archived FMS featured initiatives

Fingate Updates

• 01-15-20   Updated – Gift Transmittals Contact Email for Development Services (general assistance section)

• 01-13-20   Updated – Resources: Payroll Earnings Codes (payroll deadlines and reference codes section)

• 01-13-20   Added – OBI Training: 01/21 Webinar (ERR dashboard enhancements)

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