Resources: BlackLine Support

Contact a BlackLine System Administrator:

General Requests

  • Learn more about the BlackLine application
  • Transition existing reconciliations into BlackLine
  • Receive a BlackLine demo

Access Requests

BlackLine access cannot be managed through Authority Manager at this time. BlackLine access request instructions will be updated once Authority Manager integration has been completed.

  • Add a new user
    The University official who grants BlackLine authority (or the person who currently holds that position) is responsible to ensure that granted authority reflects the unit's current needs.
  • Deactivate a user
    When a person with BlackLine access transfers to another department or leaves the University, his/her access should be revoked by immediately notifying a BlackLine System Administrator in Financial Management Services (FMS).

Reconciliation Requests

  • Assign an unassigned reconciliation
  • Temporarily reassign a reconciliation for users out of the office
    BlackLine access changes for other operational reasons, such as a temporary delegation of authority due to vacation or extended time out of the office, can be made at any time by contacting a BlackLine System Administrator.
  • Create a reconciliation team
  • Create account groups
  • Change a reconciliation template
  • Decertify a reconciliation

Matching Requests

  • Import transaction data into a matching engine
  • Run a matching engine
  • Remove transactions from a matching engine
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