Bulletin: Launching Systems and Sites on Fingate (Posted June 24, 2016)

Fingate users can use the "Launch Systems" and "Learn about Systems" drop-down menus (located on the right-hand navigation section of the page) to open a new window that goes directly to the new page. Just clicking on the desired location in the drop-down menu opens the window.

To use the Fingate and DG Center "Search" feature, type in key word(s) and hit "Enter."

If the new window does not open, take these steps, depending on which browser is used:

  • Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox – Click the "Refresh" icon  screen shot of 'Refresh' icon for browsers, usually next to the URL address field

    (If refreshing doesn't work, clear the browser cache and open a new browser. You may also have to disable the pop-up blocker.)

  • Safari (including iPhone and iPad) – Disable the pop-up blocker

screen shot of partial Fingate right navigation, red arrows pointing to DG Center term search, Launch Systems and Learn about Systems dropdown menus, under these 3 fiels, there is a link 'Page doesn't launch?' that takes users to this bulletin page


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