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Overview: Finally Close a Purchase Order

Campus users can initiate the Finally Close feature for Purchase Orders (POs) when specific conditions are met. The Finally Close feature checks the settings and statuses of several criteria to determine that a purchase order is eligible. This overview explains the reasons to initiate the Finally Close process.

Note: Inactive POs with no commitments that are more than three years old are Finally Closed automatically by the system.

Reasons to Finally Close a Purchase Order

  • There is no expectation for any future delivery of goods or services.
  • There is a remaining commitment balance.
  • To improve reporting data

Impacts of Finally Closing a Purchase Order

When a PO is Finally Closed, the PO will no longer be available for payments, changes or renewals. Any open committed funds are released back to the PTA. This action cannot be reversed.

Suppression versus Finally Close

Suppression versus Finally Close
Finally Close a PO Suppression
Does not allow new receipts / payments to be matched against the PO

Allows processing of new receipts / payments

PO cannot be modified

PO can be modified

Releases unused commitments back to the PTA

Does not relieve commitments

Finally close POs will have $0 open commitments

Suppressed PO lines with open commitments are hidden from reports

Must close entire PO

Can suppress individual lines

How to Finally Close a PO

To learn more about the Finally Close feature, use the following resources:

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