How To: Make a Supplier / Payee Request

Before You Start

Learn about Supplier / Payee Record Requests and the Supplier / Payee Portal.

An active supplier / payee record must exist within the supplier / payee database in order to:

  • Request a Non-PO Payment
  • Place a purchase order in iProcurement, or
  • Create a reimbursement for a Non-SU Payee (visitor) in Expense Requests.

In addition to having an "active" record, if the payment method is by check and will be sent to a supplier / payee's address, the address site within the database must also display a status of "active."

The Supplier Query and Request System is used to

  • Search for supplier / payee in the database
  • Activate an Inactive supplier / payee
  • Request the setup of a new supplier / payee
  • Request a new address for an existing supplier / payee
  • Request a change to an existing supplier / payee record

To learn more about supplier or payee records, take FIN-0509: Supplier / Payee Setup.

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bullet iconStep 3 – Make Supplier / Payee Request

Activate an Inactive Supplier/Payee

Your supplier / payee is listed in the search results but his/her status and/or the address site status display "Inactive" status.

Request the Setup of a New Supplier / Payee

Your supplier / payee is not listed in the search results.

Request a New Address for an Existing Supplier / Payee

Your supplier / payee is listed in the search results and has an "active" record.

Request a Change to an Existing Supplier / Payee

Your supplier / payee is listed in the search results, but you need to request a change or correction to an item in the record.


What's Next?

  • Requests are routed to a Supplier Enablement Coordinator who will determine if bank account information or tax information is required from the supplier / payee. If so, the new Supplier / Payee (and any designated Authorized Agent) will be contacted via email to complete information via the secure Supplier and Payee Request Portal. See How To: Complete a Stanford Supplier and Payee Request.
  • You can track the status of all Supplier/Payee requests. See How To: View Pending Supplier / Payee Requests.
  • Suppliers are responsible for maintaining their own confidential data and may make a request to update their address, tax information, or bank account information by calling the Financial Support Center, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST.
  • Note: Secure Portal invitations are inactivated if not returned within 30 days. To reactivate a request after 30 days, contact the Financial Support Center.
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