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How To: Access a Shared Oracle Worklist

Who does this?  Approvers whose colleagues have granted them access to act as a “back up” approver

When?  During critical periods when the colleague is expecting a large number of transactions or when they know they may be busy and unable to respond promptly to transaction approvals

How?  By accessing shared worklists in the Oracle Financials Worklist. Approvals are performed after confirming that:

  • The expenditure is reasonable, necessary and complies with all University policies;
  • The charges are correct, allowable for the account, allocable, and properly coded;
  • Charges are appropriately documented and are recorded in a consistent manner; and
  • Funds are available in the account being charged.



Access a Shared Oracle Worklist (4 steps)

step 1

Discuss expectations with the colleague who granted you shared Worklist access (i.e., expected coverage, frequency for checking transactions, etc.)

Note:  Colleagues granted access to share a Worklist WILL NOT receive email workflow notifications. If the owner of the Worklist wishes the grantee to receive email notifications, they should create a vacation rule instead. Reference How To: Create, View, or Maintain Vacation Rules in Oracle.
step 2

Log in to Oracle Financials:

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Log in using your SUNet ID, password and two-step authentication
  3. On the Oracle Financials landing page, you will find information about:
    • System Status
    • Planned Outages
    • Other messages of interest
  4. Click Login to continue to the Oracle Financials Home Page.
step 3

Open a shared worklist:

  1. Click Switch User in the Oracle Home Page Header to show all the Worklists you have access to. Switch User appears only if someone has granted you access to their Worklist.
  2. On the Switch User page, select the Switch User icon next to the appropriate name of the Worklist you want to access. The Oracle Home page of the sharing user will display.
  3. Access the Worklist of the sharing user by clicking Worklist in the Oracle Home page header.
step 4

Review and approve transactions.

  1. Review and approve transactions by following the appropriate procedure for transaction types.
  2. When finished working with the shared Worklist, click Return to Self in the Oracle Home page header. Your Oracle Home page will display.
  1. Clicking Approve or Reject returns the screen to the Notifications Worklist.
  2. You will NOT be able to approve a transaction you originated via Shared Worklist. This feature is typically used with colleagues of similar levels rather than with a subordinate who originates transactions.
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What Happens Next?

  • Transactions route to the next approver (if any).
  • As needed, transactions can be audited considering the following:
    • For all transactions approved through Worklist sharing, the original approver's name will show as the approver. The Action History will show the SUNet ID of the actual approver in the comments field, after any comments they entered themselves.
  • To view a list of transactions handled on your behalf, reference How To: Use the Oracle Vacation Query.


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