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How To: Use the Oracle Vacation Query

Who does this?  Oracle Transaction Originators or others with a need to know

When?  There is a need to identify who can approve a transaction on someone else's behalf or there is a need to validate the audit history of a delegation.

How?  By using the Oracle Vacation Query tool


Access Your Delegated Oracle Transaction Approvals (4 steps)

step 1

Log in to Oracle Financials:

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Log in using your SUNet ID, password and two-step authentication
  3. On the Oracle Financials landing page, you will find information about:
    • System Status
    • Planned Outages
    • Other messages of interest
  4. Click Login to continue to the Oracle Financials Home Page.
step 2

Launch the Vacation Query Tool from the Oracle Home Page:

  1. Click SU Inquiry Tools and Forms.
  2. Click Vacation Query.
step 3

Retrieve Vacation Delegation history for an individual:

  1. Enter the SUNet ID of the person you are checking.
    Note:  An individual may have multiple SUNet IDs; an official ID and aliases. For many people, their SUNet ID is displayed in StanfordWho. The first SUNet ID listed in StanfordWho is their official SUNet ID.
  2. Click Search button.
    Note:  The query will return the person's Vacation Delegation history and their Worklist Access history (with active delegations sorted to the top).
step 4

View a list of transactions handled on behalf of an individual.

  1. Click the link Show the transactions handled on behalf of (SUNet ID).
    Note:  A list of transactions (with most recent transactions sorted at the top) will be appended to the bottom of the delegation history page. Transaction information includes the transaction type (e.g., PCard, Expense Requests, etc.), Oracle transaction ID, approval action, SUNet ID of the person who took the action, and date action taken. Research actions in the applicable transaction system or discuss with the Delegatee.
  2. As needed, enter another query from the results page.
  3. When complete, click Return to Portal link in the upper right hand corner of the screen to return to the Oracle Home page.
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