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Labor Distribution Defined

Labor Distribution is a "core" module within the Oracle Financials system that allows users to distribute payroll earnings, which are paid by the PeopleSoft Payroll system, to the appropriate PTAEOs.

PeopleSoft is the system of record for Human Resources. Employees and jobs are set up in PeopleSoft; this information is then loaded from PeopleSoft into Oracle. "Jobs" in PeopleSoft become "Assignments" in Oracle. Labor Schedules are then "attached" to employees' assignments in Oracle. PeopleSoft generates the payroll. The payroll information is then sent to Oracle to be distributed by Labor Distribution to the appropriate PTAs (charge accounts).

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Roles & Responsibilities, and Getting Access to Labor Distribution

There are two levels of access to the Labor Distribution module, referred to as "Login Roles". Login roles determine the activities that a user is able to perform within Labor Distribution. The two roles are Labor Scheduler and LD Distribution Adjuster.

"SU LD Labor Scheduler" Responsibility

Enables authorized users to create or update labor schedules for employees in their area.

"SU LD Distribution Adjuster" Responsibility

Enables authorized users to make corrections to payroll earnings posted 15-APR-2005 and later. Users with LD Adjuster responsibility can see all earnings to employees for whom they have access, including Salary, Bonuses, etc.

Learn about getting access to the Labor Distribution Module of Oracle Financials.

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Types of Transactions

Labor Schedules

Used to define how payroll earnings are distributed for a given employee's assignment(s), identifying what percentage of the employee's pay should be charged to each PTA. Reference How To: Create / Update Labor Schedules.

Labor Distribution Adjustment

Used when payroll earnings post to an incorrect PTA or to an Organization Suspense Account. A correcting entry is made to move the payroll charges to an appropriate PTA. Reference How To: Create Salary Distribution Adjustment in LD.

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Transaction Approval Process

Labor Schedules are not routed for approval. When a Labor Schedule is created, an email notification is sent to the individual with Labor Distribution approval authority over the Task Owning Org for the affected PTA.

Labor Distribution Adjustments require approval based on the PTA charged. Approvers must have "Labor Distribution" approval authority granted in Authority Manager over the Task Owning Org of the PTA being charged. Oracle automatically selects the approver upon submission of the Labor Distribution Adjustment using Authority Manager's hierarchy. The originator may change, add or re-order approvers, so long as designated approvers have appropriate authority. Labor Adjustments $10k and over require an approver regardless if the originator has sufficient approval authority.

To learn more about the approval process, see Overview: Authority to Approve Financial Transactions – About Oracle Workflow.

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Available Training

The following training is made available by the Controller's Office:

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Staying Informed

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Labor Distribution Reporting Tools

The Payroll and Labor Management (PLM) dashboard in OBI Financial Reporting can be used to generate various reports to help staff plan and monitor the distribution of employees' earnings.

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