Resources: Payment Delivery by Termination Reason

This is used by payroll admininstrators to determine an employee's final payment delivery method based on the termination action reason.

Webform Action Reason Code Action Reason Description Payment Delivery Method*
OTJ Accepted Another Job Direct Deposit
DEA Death Check
PAY Dissatisfied with Pay Direct Deposit
CTG End of Contingent Assignment Direct Deposit
FXD End of Fixed Term Direct Deposit
ZDO Faculty Declined Offer Direct Deposit
LVE Failure to Return from Leave Direct Deposit
GMC Gross Misconduct Check
IRC Invol Non-Renewal of Contract Either
SUH Job at Stanford Hospital Direct Deposit
LAY Layoff Either
LWD Layoff to LTD Termination with Benefits Either
LRT Layoff to Retirement Either
LTD LTD Terminated with Benefits Direct Deposit
MIL Military - Active Duty Direct Deposit
CON Misconduct Check
MRT Misconduct to Retirement Check
NI9 No I-9 information provided Check
ABN Other Involuntary Resignation Check
ORT Other Involuntary Resignation to Retirement Check
RES Other Voluntary Resignation Direct Deposit
PER Personal Reasons Direct Deposit
QWN Quit Without Notice Direct Deposit
REL Relocation Direct Deposit
RIL Resignation in Lieu of Involuntary Termination Check
RET Retirement Direct Deposit
RSC Return to School Direct Deposit
SSR Senior Staff Retirement Direct Deposit
SST Senior Staff Termination Check
SRT Senior Staff Termination to Retirement Either
RSP Special Circumstances Check
RRT Special Circumstances (Eligible for Rehire) to Retirement Check
RSI Special Circumstances (Ineligible for Rehire) Check
IRT Special Circumstances (Ineligible for Rehire) to Retirement Check
ZSR Special Faculty Retiree Direct Deposit
SLC Transfer to SLAC Direct Deposit
TRL Trial Period Separation Check
UNS Unsatisfactory Performance Check
URT Unsatisfactory Performance to Retirement Check
VNR Vol Non-Renewal of Contract Direct Deposit

*Employees without an active direct deposit on file will receive a live check.

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