How To: Obtain / Delete Salary Key for Salary Verification

Who does this?  Stanford Employees and Former Employees

When?  Employees need to verify employment and salary information as required on mortgage, credit card and other loan applications, job applications, rental agreements and applications for government sponsored social service programs.

How?  Employees authorize release of salary and W-2 information by obtaining a salary key from The Work Number web site provided by Equifax (a third party service provider). Verifiers then use the salary key to access employee's employment and salary information directly from The Work Number web site.


Obtain / Delete Salary Key for Salary Verification (7 steps)

step 1

Launch The Work Number web site:

step 2

Log into The Work Number Employee section:

  1. Click I'm an Employee.
  2. Click Enter Site.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. Click Log In again on the statement "For options described above, please LOG IN."
  5. Enter 10526 in Employee Name or Code field.
  6. Click Log In button.
  7. Click I want to provide proof of employment and income.
  8. Enter your Social Security Number without any dashes or spaces.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Enter your PIN (personal identification number).
    Note:  If you have not previously logged in to The Work Number, please phone the Financial Support Center to request your confidential PIN. During the login process, you may be prompted with challenge questions to confirm your identity. Also, you will be prompted to confirm personal profile information to enable PIN resets in the future.
  11. Click Log In.
step 3

Authorize release of salary information by creating a salary key:

  1. Click Prove Income to Verifiers.
  2. Click Create Salary Key to display your salary key.
    Note:  For security reasons, you must create a separate salary key for each person / verifier who needs proof of your employment and income. Salary keys expire after six months.
  3. Click + New Salary Key for each key.
step 4

To print your salary key:

  1. Click the Print icon of the salary key that you want to print.
Note:  Use caution when printing salary information to a public printer.
step 5

To email your salary key to a verifier:

  1. Click Email icon of the salary key that you want to email.
  2. Enter the email address of the recipient.
  3. Click Send.
step 6

To delete / cancel a previously created Salary Key to remove verifier access to your record:

  1. Click the X delete mark of the salary key that you wish to cancel.
  2. Click Delete.
step 7

Click + New Salary Key, Main Menu, or Logout.

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Additional Notes

  • Information Privacy and Security: All employment and salary verification transactions are protected by Equifax. You can personally safeguard your information by keeping your Social Security Number and PIN confidential. You can change your PIN at any time from the The Work Number web site, My Account option.


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