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How To: Get Certified as a Petty Cash Custodian

Who does this?  Staff designated by department head

When?  Before assuming responsibility for a petty cash fund

How?  By completing the Steps below



Get Certified as a Petty Cash Custodian (4 steps)

step 1

Review the Administrative Guide Policy 5.4.4

step 1

Review the Petty Cash Administration section of the Gateway to Financial Activities web site

  1. Review these tabs: Overviews, How To…, Policy Notes, Resources and Forms.
step 3

Receive self-service privilege "SU Expense Requests" in Authority Manager

  1. Complete FIN-0500: Introduction to the Expense Requests System online training.
step 4

Be certified as a Petty Cash Custodian in order to get access to Petty Cash function within the Expense Requests system

  1. Complete FIN-PROG-0506: Petty Cash Administration Certification.
  2. Note: To ensure that custodians are up to date with their petty cash requirements; and that Office of the Treasurer is current with its fiduciary oversight, a short annual recertification administered on STARS is required by each petty cash custodian.

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What Happens Next?

  • Following certification and receipt of the approval from a department head for a new petty cash fund, Cash Management will:
    • issue a check for the amount of the new petty cash fund to the designated custodian
    • grant the petty cash custodian access to the Petty Cash function within Expense Requests
  • The certified custodian can proceed to set up the new petty cash fund.
  • The custodian remains accountable for the petty cash until fund closes or a new custodian is designated. See Overview: Administering a Petty Cash Fund


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