Course:  Petty Cash Administration Certification (FIN-PROG-0506)

Who should take this course?

FIN-PROG-0506 is designed to teach prospective petty cash custodians how to administer petty cash funds. Completion of this course is required to become certified as a petty cash custodian.

To ensure that custodians are up to date with their petty cash requirements; and that Office of the Treasurer is current with its fiduciary oversight, a short annual recertification administered on STARS is required by each petty cash custodian.


Course objectives:

After completing this course you will be able to;

Delivery method:

Web (Self-paced)


Self-paced (approximately 40 minutes)

How to access training?

To receive credit for this course, register through STARS and complete the training

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Course owned / Maintained by:

Financial Management Services

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