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Stanford Data Governance (DG) Center

The DG Center, utilizing the Collibra data governance platform, contains a wide variety of information about data at Stanford including:

Component Description
Data definitions The business definition for a term as it is used at Stanford
Alternate names The alternate names (e.g., familiar names, system names) for a term, which allow you to find a term and trace its usage across systems
Sample values Possible values for a data element
Business rules The business rules that govern the usage of a data element
Description of code values The text description of a code value for a data element that contains encoded values
Location of elements The location of an element in the OBI Financial Reporting Ad Hoc environment (see About OBI Reporting); this allows you to pinpoint the folder location where you can find the element for use in creating OBI Ad Hoc analyses

This resource is available to every Stanford employee. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions on the terms or definitions, just click the comment button at the top of every data dictionary or reference data page, and the data stewardship coordinator will be notified and respond to your comment.

Note that in order to access the DG Center from outside of Stanford's network, you'll need to sign in to Stanford's VPN first. See VPN (Virtual Private Network) on University IT web site for more details.

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How to Search Definitions in the DG Center

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The easiest way to find the definition of a term is by using the Stanford University Data Stewardship Dictionary (SUDS Dictionary), accessed through the search box at the right of each Fingate page. You can also navigate directly to the Stanford DG Center by typing into your browser address bar, and at the top right of each DG Center page, type your search criteria. See screen shot.

Type some or all of the term in the box, then click 'Enter' to see a list of search results. See screen shot.

If the page you have searched for is an alias rather than a defined term, you will be directed to a disambiguation page. Click on one of the linked term names to be directed to the main dictionary page for that term.

Any user may comment on any term's page using the "Submit Comment" button at the top of each page. Note that you do not need to be logged in to submit a comment; guest users will be asked for their name and email address. See screen shot.

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DG Center Navigation and Quick Reference

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The Data Governance Process at Stanford

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  • For general questions regarding the content on this page or regarding specific Finance related terms in the DGC (i.e., where Responsible SUDS Group is "SUDS-FIN"), please contact Alexa Zapata at Information Delivery Management and Architecture (IDMA), Financial Management Services.
  • For other questions contact DG@Stanford.
  • Learn more about Stanford's Data Governance Program.
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