Travel resources, procedures, and policies. To stay informed, read Stanford Travel News.

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Business and Travel Expense Policies

Understand the university's general policy as well as specific policies by business and travel expense category (i.e., air travel, ground transportation, lodging and travel meals)

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Stanford Travel Program

Access travel partners who offer negotiated rates and help the university keep travelers safe

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Stanford Travel Card

The TCard allows you to buy and pay for travel and travel-related services required for the conduct of University business

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Foreign Visitor Travel

Get help with buying and paying travel for foreign visitors

Traveling for Stanford?

Click to reveal details below for each step in the Stanford business travel process: (Expand / Collapse All)

Arranging Travel Process Illustration in 5 steps, presented in blocks. Click to reveal details for each step in the Stanford business travel process 4-during travel 3-prepare to travel 2-book travel 1-plan travel 5-after travel

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