Policy Notes: Required Documentation for Travel Expense Reimbursement

Required documents for travel expense reimbursement are listed below. Additional documentation is required for reimbursements to foreign visitors.

Required Documents

  • All reimbursement requests must include statement of business purpose.
  • Examples of acceptable documents:
    • For Airline tickets: An itinerary receipt for airfare, showing proof of payment from a travel agency, airline, or online booking tool. If the travel is funded by government contract or grant, and is to or from a foreign country, travel must be on a U.S. flag carrier and the proper airline code referenced on the ticket. See Policy Notes: Fly America Act and Open Skies Exceptions (Air Carrier Requirements) for compliance information.

      Note:  Stanford expects business-related travel to be booked through Stanford Travel.

    • For car rental: Contract, itemizing all charges and proof of payment
    • For lodging: Itemized bill showing all charges and proof of payment, unless per diem is claimed
    • For meals: Receipts for individual meals and other miscellaneous expenses (i.e., taxis and shuttles) costing $75 or more. If no itemized receipt is submitted for a meal, traveler must indicate on the receipt the amount spent on alcohol or state that alcohol was not included in the meal.

Receipts are not required for:

  • Expenses under $75 (record amounts for accurate reimbursement)
  • Meals and lodging if claiming per diem rates

Additional Required Documents for Foreign Visitors

All payment requests require that the payee (or authorized agent, which may be Stanford staff, a family member or other individual with access to the payee’s confidential information) provide the following documentation via the secure Supplier / Payee Request Portal:

Additional Required Documents for Honorarium Payments:

Important Note!  This documentation should NOT be submitted as back-up documentation attached to the Expense Report or Payment Request transaction. Confidential tax and banking information must be submitted by the supplier / payee or authorized agent via the secure Supplier/Payee Request Portal. See:

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