Stanford Travel Optional Services: Uber for Business

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Stanford travelers are permitted to use Uber for ground transportation. Department administrators who want to manage rides for Stanford travelers or visitors can set up Uber for Business (U4B) accounts.

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Stanford administrators can select from a variety of Uber for Business programs which include:

Additional benefits:

How to Set Up Account:

Booking Method How

Set up Uber account

(for account administrators)

Use your existing Uber credentials or if new to Uber, click on the following link and follow instructions:

Create a Personal Uber Account

(Account administrators will need to create the account using their mobile number and personal email address. This is to ensure that admins and riders can also use Uber for personal reasons, and if they leave Stanford, they will still have access to Uber app.)

Stanford U4B account enrollment

(for account administrators)

Click on the following link to initiate the set-up process:

Stanford – Uber for Business Account Set-up Form

An U4B implementation manager will contact the account administrator with 72 hours of the form submittal.

Onboarding Guide

(after account set-up)

Once the U4B account has been set-up, department employees will receive an email directing them to a link to get started.

Employee Riders Onboarding Guide

Payment Options

  1. Monthly billing – Monthly statement is paid by Stanford Travel Card (required for Uber Vouchers).
  2. Pay per ride – Stanford Travel Card or personal card is charged at completion of each ride.

Note:  If monthly billing by TCard is selected as payment, the monthly Uber statement must be uploaded with the transaction in the Expense Request System.




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