Jalisco - Ballet Folklorico de Stanford
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Since 1972, BFdeS has performed traditional Mexican folk dance throughout Stanford and the Bay Area.


The vibrant dresses of multi-colored ribbons and the gilded charro suits of the state of Jalisco evoke the heart and the soul of Mexico. The region is famous for its son, a variation of Spanish dance which is accompanied by mariachi. Jarabes, the most traditional of these dances, usually center on the theme of courtship and coquetry. The dancing is dynamic, playful, and proud -- songs generally end with a modest kiss behind the charro's hat.


El Ballet Folklórico de Stanford performs a variety of songs from this region including:

  • La Negra

  • El Xihualteco

  • El Relampago

  • Jarabe Tapatio

  • Machetes

  • La Culebra

  • El Jalisciense

  • El Tranchete

  • El Gavilan

  • El Gusto