Pricing Information

Custom made molds (tooling cost, no chips) Price
Single layer mold $175
Two layer mold $300
Three layer mold $450
Four layer mold $600
Custom made chips Price
Single layer chip $30
Two layer chip $60
Three layer chip $100
Four layer chip $150
Pre-made chips Price
Protein Crystallography - Screening Chip $60
Protein Crystallography - Formulator Chip $60
Protein Crystallography - Harvesting Chip $100
Single Cell Analysis Chip $100
Cell Culture Chip $150
Microchemostat Chip $200


The prices doesn't include shipping charges.

Stanford User Rates (Internal): IDC will be automatically burdened at the rate your award is charged.

Academic  Partners User  Rates (External): 8% IDC will be added to the invoice


Payments can be made via check (made out to Stanford University ), wire transfer, or via a Journal (Stanford community only).  

Note 1:Master mold cost includes a transparency mask. Changes in the mask design after the mask is ordered will be charged for $50.

Note 2: A Chip is defined as one individually cut rectangle of PDMS defined by borders on your mask.

Note 3: If the chip size is larger than one square inch and/or has more than 20 punch holes additional charges will apply

Note 4: PDMS coated substrate is considered an extra layer for chips