Dear Valued Customers,

I am writing to notify you about some upcoming changes for the Stanford Microfluidic Foundry. For the last decade we have been providing access to microfluidic technology through two mechanisms: first, as a shared access facility in which researchers can fabricate and test devices, and second as a fee- for-service facility in which our professional staff fabricate devices and molds on a piece-work basis. Because of the tremendous growth in the field and the widespread availability of commercial fee-for- service organizations and the significant administrative overhead associated with administering this program, we have decided that effective March 3, 2014 we will eliminate the fee-for-service part of our operation and focus our efforts on providing a shared access research facility. We will continue to teach our annual hands on microfluidic summer school and if there is strong interest we can arrange an extra session in the late winter so that members of your group can be trained and receive access to the cleanroom to fabricate their own devices. For those of you who would rather continue outsourcing device fabrication, here are some commercial resources for custom mold and chip fabrication:

Best regards,

Stephen Quake


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Stanford Microfluidics Foundry

Note: If you have an ongoing order the production will be continued in the period that we are closed.


NEW!!! Check our video on multilayer soft lithography

If you would like to create and order your own custom designed device, please follow the steps below:

1.Design Your Device
Using Autocad, design your microfluidic device according to the Basic Design Rules and Mask Design Rules for Stanford Microfluidics Foundry. This includes deciding which type of valves you want to include on your device (push-up or push-down), channel geometry, etc. Consult with the foundry on any questions or concerns you may have about your design (

2.Review Mask
Double-check that your design follows the design rules outlined on our website. Send in your Autocad file to our Foundry for a final design rule check.

3.Fill Out Order Form

4.Produce Mask
We will send your mask design to a company to produce the transparency masks. It is also possible for you to send your pre-made masks to us directly if you like (either transparency or glass mask) as long as they are compatible for 3" or 4" wafer photolithography.

5.Receive Your Fabricated Molds and Microfluidic Chips
The fabricated microfluidic chips with the molds ordered will be sent to you directly upon their completion.

6.Fill Out Feedback Form
Upon receipt and usage of your order, please fill out the customer feedback form so that we can better serve you in the future. We love to hear from you!