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FMSeminar: AmericasCup

Yacht Design for the 34th America's Cup

By Tom Speer of Oracle Team USA America's Cup

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Recorded on March 12, 2013 - Stanford Fluid Mechanics Seminar - Abstract

The 34th match for the America's Cup will be held on San Francisco Bay this summer. For the first time, the America's Cup will be contested by mutual consent in multihulls. A new class, the AC72, has been agreed upon as a new class for America's Cup competition. These are the world's fastest course-racing sailboats. Staring with a brief history of multihulls in the America's Cup, the talk will next present the fundamentals of sailing yacht performance. The aerodynamic design of the wing sail will be covered and the AC45 wing control system described.

Oracle Team USA America's Cup

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