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As part of its strategy to build a diverse portfolio of innovative technologies, GCEP provides funding for exploratory research that tests the feasibility and application of potentially game-changing ideas. Promising concepts are awarded one-year grants and evaluated for follow-on support. GCEP also funds integrated assessments of technology options for energy systems with low greenhouse gas emissions. For more information on specific programs, click below.


Current Activities

  • Exploratory Research

    • Enhancing Hydride Thermodynamics Through Nanostructuring
    • New Pathways Towards High Performance Transparent Conductive Oxides
    • Gas Molecules as the Next-Generation Thermoelectric: Extracting Electricity from Hot Gas with No Moving Parts
    • Spatially Engineered Delamination Layers for Creating Inexpensive and Scalable Single Crystal III-V Thin Films for Photovoltaics and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Completed Activities