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Electrochemical Tuning of Electronic Structures for Highly Active Electrocatalysts

Start Date: September 2014


Yi Cui, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Harold Hwang, Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University


  • ¬†Wang, H., Lee, H.-W., Deng, Y., Lu, Z., Hsu, P.-C., Liu, Y., Lin, D., and Cui, Y., Bifunctional non-noble metal oxide nanoparticle electrocatalysts through lithium-induced conversion for overall water splitting. Nat. Commun.6, 7261 (2015).
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  • Chen, W., Wang, H., Li, Y., Liu, Y., Sun, J., Lee, S., Lee, J.-S., and Cui, Y., In Situ Electrochemical Oxidation Tuning of Transition Metal Disulfides to Oxides for Enhanced Water Oxidation. ACS Cent. Sci.1, 244-251 (2015).

Updated March 2017