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Nanomaterials Engineering for Hydrogen Storage

Start Date: January 2004
Status: Completed


Kyeongjae (KJ) Cho, Mechanical Engineering; Bruce Clemens, Materials Science and Engineering; Hongjie Dai, Chemistry; Anders Nilsson, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford University

Annual Reports



  • Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage, American Vacuum Society, Thin Film Users Group, 7 March 2007.
  • Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Storage, Johns-Hopkins University, 9 March 2007.
  • Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage, University of Pennsylvania Department of Materials Science and Engineering Colloquium, 12 October 2006.
  • Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage, Energy Nanotechnology Conference, MIT 26-28 June 2006.
  • Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage, Telluride Workshop on Chemical Modification of Surfaces, August 2006.
  • Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage, Technical University of Denmark, Chemistry Department Colloquium, June 2006.
  • Lee, Yong-Won; Bhowmick, Ranadeep; Clemens, Bruce M., “The capacity enhancement of room temperature hydrogen storage in HiPco SWNT by electrochemical deposition of palladium nanoparticles,” Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings; 2006; v.927, p.49-54, Conference: 2006 MRS Spring Meeting; Apr 17-21 2006; San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Zhiyong Zhang, Henry Liu and Kyeongjae, “Ab Initio Study of Hydrogen Storage on CNT”, MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Apr 17-20, 2006
  • Zhiyong Zhang, Henry Liu, and KJ Cho, “Ab Initio Study of Hydrogen Storage on CNT”, International Congress of Nanotechnology, San Francisco, CA, Oct 31- Nov 4, 2005
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  • Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage, Materials Research Society, Boston, MA, November 2005.
  • Structure and Kinetics of Nanoparticle and Model Hydrogen Storage Materials, Next Generation Neutron Source Workshop, San Diego, CA, June 2005.

Presentations (Contributed)

  • Y.-W. Lee, R. Bhowmick, and B.M. Clemens, Hydrogen Storage in Palladium and Platinum-doped SWNTs by spill-over mechanism, Materials Research Society 2006 Fall meeting, Z6.6, Boston, MA (2006)
  • Y.-W. Lee, R. Bhowmick, H. Dai and B.M. Clemens, Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanotube and Palladium Composite Materials, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting, Nuclear Engineering Division 424A, San Francisco, CA (2006)
  • Y.-W. Lee, R. Bhowmick, H. Dai and B.M. Clemens, “Hydrogen Storage Enhancement of HiPco Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Palladium Doping”, 232nd American Chemical Society National Meeting, Division of Fuel Chemistry 239, San Francisco, CA (2006)
  • Y.-W. Lee, R. Bhowmick and B.M. Clemens, “The Enhancement of Room Temperature Hydrogen Uptake Capacity in HiPco SWNTs by Palladium Catalyst Nanoparticels, Materials Research Society 2006 Spring Meeting, EE3.29, San Francisco, CA (2006)Updated February 2011