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Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission (PETE) for Solar Concentrator Systems

Start Date: September 2008


Nick Melosh, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Zhi-Xun Shen, Department of Physics, Stanford University

Annual Reports


  • Schwede, J. W., T. Sarmiento, V. K. Narasimhan, S. J. Rosenthal, D. C. Riley, F. Schmitt, I. Bargatin, et al. “Photon-enhanced thermionic emission from heterostructures with low interface recombination.” Nature Communications 4, 1576 (2013).
  • Schwede, J. W., I. Bargatin, D. C. Riley, R. T. Howe, Z-X. Shen, and N. A. Melosh. “Photon enhanced thermionic emission (PETE) for solar concentrator systems.” (In preparation, 2009).

Updated June 2012