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Rational Organic Semiconductor Material Design A Pathway Towards Breakthrough Performance in Solar Cells

Start Date: March 2010


Zhenan Bao, Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University; Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University; and Michael Toney, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Annual Reports


  • Kim, Do Hwan, A. L. Ayzner, A. L. Appleton, K. Schmidt, J. Mei, M. F. Toney, and Z. Bao. “Comparison of the photovoltaic characteristics and nanostructure of fullerenes blended with conjugated polymers with siloxane-terminated and branched aliphatic side chains.” Chemistry of Materials 25, No. 3, 431-440 (2013).
  • Smilgies, D-M., R. Li, G. Giri, K. W. Chou, Y. Diao, Z. Bao, and A. Amassian. “Look fast: Crystallization of conjugated molecules during solution shearing probed in-situ and in real time by X-ray scattering.” Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters 7, No. 3, 177-179 (2013).
  • Giri, G. et. al. “Using Solution Shearing for Patterning Lattice Strained Organic Field Effect Transistors.” In preparation.
  • Giri, G. et. al. “In-situ, High Speed X-ray Diffraction and Optical Microscopy to Explain Mechanism of Metastable Polymorph Formation in TIPS-Pentacene.” In preparation.
  • G. Giri, et. al. “Control of Polymeric Semiconductor Molecular Packing using Solution Shearing.” In Preparation.
  • Giri, G. et. al. “Using Solution Shearing to Control and Explore Morphology and Molecular Packing of trimethyl-[2.2’,5’,2”,5”,2”] quarter-thiophen-5-yl-silane (4T-TMS).” In Preparation.
  • Giri, G., S. Park, M. Vosgueritchian, M. M. Shulaker, and Z. Bao. “High mobility, aligned, crystalline domains of TIPS-pentacene with strained lattice through lateral confinement of crystal growth.” To be submitted, 2013.
  • Akkerman, H. B., S. C. B. Mannsfeld, A. P. Kaushik, E. Verploegen, L. Burnier, A. P. Zoombelt, S. Hong, S. Atahan-Evrenk, X. Liu, A. Aspuru-Guzik, M. F. Toney, P. Clancy and Z. Bao. “Effects of Odd-Even Side Chain Length of Alkyl-Substituted Diphenyl-bithiophenes on First Monolayer Thin Film Packing Structure.” Submitted.
  • Li, Hanying, G. Giri, J. B-H. Tok, and Z. Bao. “Toward high-mobility organic field-effect transistors: Control of molecular packing and large-area fabrication of single-crystal-based devices.” MRS Bulletin 38, No. 1, 34-42 (2013).
  • L. Fang, Y. Zhou, Y.-X. Yao, Y. Diao, A. L. Appleton, W.-Y. Lee, R. Allen, J. Reinspach, and Z. Bao. “Conjugated Random Copolymers with Polystyrene Side-Chains for Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells.” To be submitted.
  • Y. Yuan, G. Giri, A. Ayzner, A.P. Zoombelt, S.C.B. Mannsfeld, J. Chen, J. Huang, and Z. Bao. “Solution-processed Ultra-High Mobility Transparent Organic Thin Film Transistors with a Meta-stable Semiconductor Channel.” Submitted.

Updated July 2015