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Ultra-High Efficiency Thermophotovoltaic Solar Cells Using Metallic Photonic Crystals as Intermediate Absorber and Emitter

Start Date: September 2008


Shanhui Fan and Peter Peumans, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University; Paul Braun, Material Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Annual Reports


  • “Arpin, K. A., A. N. Cloud, H. Ning, M. D. Losego, J. Malleck, N. Sergeant, L. Zhu, B. Kalanya, G. N. Parsons, G. S. Girolami, J. R. Abelson, S. Fan, and P. V. Braun. “Modified thermal emission using 3D self-assembled photonic crystals. In preparation, 2013.”
  • “Yu, Z., N. Sergeant, T. Skauli, G. Zhang, H. Wang and S. Fan. “Thermal extraction: enhancing thermal emission to far-field vacuum beyond the blackbody limit for macroscopic objects.”" Nature Communications (in press, 2013).”
  • Yu, Zongfu, Nicholas Sergeant, Torbjorn Skauli Gang Zhang, Hailiang Wang, and Shanhui Fan. Thermal extraction: enhancing thermal emission of finite size macroscopic blackbody to far-field vacuum. arXiv preprint arXiv:1211.0653 (2012).
  • Losego, M., H. Zhang, A. Gardner, W. P. King, and P. V. Braun. “Nanoindentation as a route to 3D metal nanostructures,” (in preparation, 2011).
  • Arpin, K. A., M. D. Losego, and P. V. Braun. “Enhancing the thermal stability of electrodeposited tungsten inverse opals,” (in preparation, 2011).
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  • Sergeant, N. P., O. Pincon, M. Agrawal, and P. Peumans. “Design of wide-angle solar-selective absorbers using aperiodic metal-dielectric stacks,” Optics Express, 17, 25, 22801-22812, doi:10.1364/OE.17.02280 (2009).
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  • Losego, M., H. Zhang, A. Gardner, W. P. King, and P. V. Braun. “Nanoindentation as a Route to 3D Metal Nanostructures.” (In preparation, 2010).


  • S. Fan, Keynote Talk, “Broadband management of light using nanophotonics for solar and thermal applications”, International Quantum Electronics Conference (IQEC), May 2013, Munich, Germany.
  • Dai, Z., X. Yu, H. Zhang, T. Kim, P.V. Braun and W.P. King. “Photonic Crystal Nickel and Aluminum Oxide Micromechanical Devices Having 3D Inverse Opal Microstructure.” 308-311, MEMS 2011, Cancun, Mexico (2011).
  • Rephaeli E. and S. Fan. “Nanostructured Tungsten absorber and emitter for solar thermal photovoltaics”, OSA Topical Meeting on Solar Energy: New Materials and Nanostructured Devices for High Efficiency, paper STuB, Stanford, CA, 2008.

Updated June 2012