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What to Expect

Read these two links first to discover travel warnings and risks for the area to which you are traveling, as well as, information on the required immunizations.

What should I Bring?

Click here for helpful tips to prepare for your trip.


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Endemic Diseases

Click here to view information from the CDC.


Click here to view information about obtaining visas.

Insurance - Travel and Health

  • Stanford Resident Travel:
    The best information is at the following website -
    There is also a helpful chart that differentiates the differences by who is covered under ISoS and MedEx (essentially ISoS covers all of us but MedEx is limited to postdocs).
    When you go to OIA’s website (, it registers travel for the University so that if there is a problem, the University knows and can put protocols in place as necessary. The OIA website also has pre-departure checklists which are useful while you are planning your activity abroad.  In other words, there are two registrations that should be done – with OIA and then ISoS.
  • All Stanford affililiates/faculty are members of International SOS. Please check their site for further information. Your membership allows you access to purchase additional health and travel insurance, access to worldwide medical alerts e.g. infectious disease outbreaks, travel and safety information by country, and political and traveler safety headlines.
  • Another service that was recommended in the past was MedjetAssist. They require the ability to land a small jet nearby but will take you to any facility you want and does not have a medical necessity clause.
  • Please contact your medical insurer for further information about coverage while abroad.

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