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Current Annual Trips

Global Health Rotation in Kigali, Rwanda - February/March

Global Health Rotation in Harare, Zimbabwe - October

You will need to provide the following:

  1. Name
  2. Clinical Year
  3. 500-word response
  4. CV

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Catalog of Volunteer Service Trips

Contact Information
Gitwe, Rwanda
Jeremy Collins
Medical Missions for Children
Thyroidectomy, Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate
Typically March
Kigali and Butare, Rwanda Ana Crawford, Melanie Gipp, Denise Chan ASA/CASIEF Teaching Anesthesia to Rwandan residents: Didactic and Intra-operative February
Harare, Zimbabwe Ana M. Crawford, Rebecca McGoldrick NECTAR/Stanford Teaching and Education development in Peri-operative care  Variable
Ed Riley
Pediatric Ophthamology (20-25 cases over 1 week)

1) Philippines

2) Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ed Mariano

1) Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons (PAGES)

2) Project Perfect World (PPW)

1) Craniofacial birth defects and deformities related to burn injuries

2) Pediatric orthopedic surgery

Fred Mihm
Rotaplast, Interplast
Cleft lip and palate, Microtia repair, Burn contractures, Hand surgery
Cusco, Peru
Ethan Jackson
Medical Missions for Children
Microtia repair, cleft lip and palate repaire
Typically May

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Other Global Opportunities

The following is a list of other global medical resources:

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Resident Feedback and Trip Reports

Resident feedback is important for both education and improvement of this program.

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Trip Reports

As our logs grow, we will begin making them available at our Blog:Trip Reports which will allow for discussion and comments. We hope these logs will become a valuable repository for education and reference.

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