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News, Events and Opportunities

Zimbabwe Global Health Resident Elective:

After gaining RRC approval, we are now accepting applications for the first Zimbabwe global health elective.  Read more and apply here!

1-year Fellowship for Global Health in Anesthesia:

Designed for anesthesia providers interested in incorporating global health into their careers, this one year fellowship combines instruction regarding the complexities that lead to global health disparities and the skill set needed to provide safe and effective anesthetics in austere environments.  The fellowship start date is flexible. Applications

Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson Global Health Scholars Program

The program strengthens health care infrastructure and diagnostic skills at host settings, works to diminish “brain drain” from the developing world by building bilateral partnerships, and develops an effective response to the host country’s specific health care needs. The Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson HOPE Centers will be marked by resource support, enhanced clinical research, and medical education and exchange at each level of the continuing medical education process.   :More info

Developing an Introductory Ethics Curriculum for Short-Term Global Health Training

Trainees who engage in global health training and biomedical research abroad commonly face ethical issues for which they might be unprepared. The international Working Group on Ethics Guidelines for Global Health Training (WEIGHT) proposed guidelines for ethically responsible short-term global health training programs.      :More info


Stanford Department of Anesthesia division of Global Health

Volunteer ghana.jpg

In developing communities, the delivery of safe and effective healthcare, including peri-operative services, is plagued with challenges. Medical supplies, trained health care personnel, and modern technology is often lacking, but this represents merely one component of the multitude of problems these communities face in forming healthy environments for their patients. The knowledge of Global Health issues is on the rise but much effort is still needed to build the capacity of these communities to sustain health, education, and freedom from dependence on health care aid.

The Global Health division within the Department of Anesthesia is rapidly expanding to increase awareness and understanding regarding the complexity of problems that is Global Health. Our division continues to develop opportunities for residents and fellows interested in becoming involved and learning more about the obstacles to the delivery of safe and effective peri-operative care in lower-resourced communities. The Anesthesia department has a long history of mission trips and exchange programs on which several of our faculty supervise residents and fellows. More recently our division has teamed with Stanford’s Center for Innovation in Global Health shifting our Global Health perspective toward capacity building through projects focused on medical education, global health research, ethical considerations, health systems strengthening, and global patient advocacy.

Global Health Fellowship

     We are very excited to welcome our first global health fellow, Rebecca McGoldrick!  Rebecca will spending one year with us learning about global health and developing eLearning resources with our academic partners in Zimbabwe.

Accepting Applications

Global Health Rotation in Kigali, Rwanda - February 2015
Congratulations to these residents for being selected to teach anesthesia in Rwanda:

     May 2012 - Melanie Gipp

     February 2013 - Morgan Dooley

     February 2014 - Christopher Press

Trip Reports

We are beginning to compile reports from recent trips. Click here to find out more.

Brazil Exchange Program

Dr. Tanaka returns from Brazil.  Read more on the Exchange Programs page.


ASA/CASIEF - Global Health Initiatives

University of Zimbabwe

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