Green Dorm / Living Lab at Stanford

The physical manifestation of the Lotus Living Laboratory at Stanford University is the Green Dorm, the design, construction and operation of which is an ongoing discovery of sustainable pathways. The preferred site for the Green Dorm is behind Casa Italiana, just steps away from the Tressider Student Union. The 21,150 square foot program will be housed in a three-story building that includes: 47 total undergraduate and graduate student beds; a building systems laboratory sharing an enlarged ground floor with residential common spaces; and thorough building systems metering and monitoring to provide constant feedback to building users about building performance. A flexible design will allow for building systems to evolve over time, making the space a center for experiential education and ever evolving healthy living. READ THE FEASIBILITY STUDY (published Mar. 2006)

Click here to fly to the Google Earth SketchUp model of the Stanford Green Dorm!
(You need Google Earth to view the model. If you don't have Google Earth, download it here for Mac or PC here.)

Building features include

  • A ground floor laboratory that will serve the School of Engineering students and faculty.
  • A second floor roof deck that will support experimental green roof testing, solar panels, and outdoor social space.
  • A west-facing entry porch
  • An “information center” where visitors and residents can learn about building systems and access real-time performance monitoring.
  • Careful building orientation with the sun to maximize use of the site’s unobstructed solar access


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