Stanford GSAPP
Graduate Students in Applied Physics and Physics


We are an organization associated with the graduate students in the Physics Department and the Applied Physics Department at Stanford University. Our mission is to improve student life, support interactions among graduate students in different research groups, contribute to the personal and professional development of graduate students, and improve communication with faculty and administration in these departments.

In service of our mission, GSAPP and its constituent students organise community events and participate in public outreach.


Ruby Lai and Raj Krishnakumar founded GSAPP in the spring of 2014. Since then, we've grown to a group of about 25 students organising around 30 unique events every year.

Previous leadership:

  • President: Ben Garber
  • Financial Officer: Ronen Kroeze
  • Social Chair: Jack Jiang
  • E&I Coordinator: TJ Wilkason
  • Recruiting Chairs: Varun Harbola, Connie Hsueh, Sanha Cheong
  • Camping Czars: Kathryn Ledbetter, Kate Coppess
  • Co-Presidents: Kelly Stifter and Kate Coppess
  • Financial Officer: Sean McLaughlin
  • Co-Presidents: Kelly Stifter and James MacArthur
  • Financial Officer: Greg McCracken
  • Co-Presidents: Ruby Lai and Greg McCracken
  • Financial Officer: Warren Morningstar
  • Co-Presidents: Ruby Lai and Raj Krishnakumar
  • Financial Officers: Christopher Watson and Warren Morningstar