Stanford GSAPP
Graduate Students in Applied Physics and Physics

GSAPP community events

GSAPP's most prominent events are organised around the New Student Orientation week in the autumn and the open house for prospective students in the spring. In addition to these events, three of the Physics/Applied Physics colloquia each year are student-hosted colloquia.

GSAPP and its students also organise various event series throughout the year to supplement departmental events and seminars, and to support and sustain the graduate student community across our departments. Many of these meetings provide literal sustenance through free food. (You can also find information on events run directly by the Physics and Applied Physics departments, as well as affiliated labs, through our Resources page.)

  • NOMS, Networking Outreach Meals for Science, invites faculty and grad alumni for lunch/dinner talks to foster career development and networking for grad students as early-career scientists and engineers. Watch for email updates circulated through the grad students mailing lists for Physics/Applied Physics. For more information, contact James MacArthur.
  • Graduate Women in Physics connects our community of women physicists here at Stanford by organizing social, educational, and professional development programs. Everyone is welcome to participate in and organize Graduate Women in Physics events. To join the mailing list or for more information, contact Claire Hebert or Connie Hsueh.
  • PizzAMO is the student seminar series in atomic, molecular, and optical physics. To join the mailing list or for more information, contact Ronen Kroeze.
  • The Condensed Matter Journal Club meets for a student presentation followed by casual discussion and Q&A on a selected topic. Watch for email updates circulated through the grad students mailing lists for Physics, Applied Physics, and GLAM; contact Varun Harbola or Jack Jiang if interested in presenting.
  • SASS, the SLAC Association for Student Seminars, hosts weekly seminars run for/by SLAC students. Topics cover the full gamut of SLAC science. Subscribe to the SLAC GOT-SASS mailing list for updates on upcoming seminars and other SASS events. Contact information here.
  • MASS, the Meeting of Astrophysics Students at Stanford, hosts informal student discussions and reviews of astrophysics topics, aimed at all levels and backgrounds. Subscribe to the Stanford astro-mass mailing list for updates on upcoming meetings. Contact Sean McLaughlin with questions.
  • The SITP student journal club is running in 2018-19! Contact Saarik or Jed for more information.

We support an array of other community and outreach events, information on which you can find either through our Resources page or social media.