Stanford GSAPP
Graduate Students in Applied Physics and Physics


  • STAR, Science Teaching through ARt, trains Stanford researchers to effectively use art and design to present their research to general audiences. For Autumn 2016, GSAPP partnered with STAR for a poster session at Stanford.
  • Splash! allows Stanford students and postdocs to create and teach courses on anything (within reason) to middle and high school students. Stanford ESP operates two two-day sessions each year, one in the autumn and one in the spring.
  • The Science Bus works with elementary school students in East Palo Alto after school. Stanford students design and teach lessons and other activities to enrich the students' regular science curriculum. No prior experience necessary. Subscribe to the science-bus mailing list for updates.
  • FAST, Future Advancers of Science and Technology, gets Stanford students to mentor local high school students, fostering their interest in science and technology through experimental projects.
  • SLAC offers free public tours! Ask Kelly for details on tours or if you are interested in becoming a guide.
  • The Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology organises various activities through its Education and Outreach Committee, most prominently an annual public open house. Subscribe to the KIPAC outreach mailing list to keep in touch.
  • If you like space and you like beer, then how odd. Astronomy on Tap presents you with the eccentric opportunity to both give educational presentations and hang around in bars. While these events started (and continue to operate) in New York City, a set of KIPAC astrophysicists that actually like beer have launched a satellite Bay Area presence (one of many satellites across the world). Contact Sean McLaughlin if interested in speaking and/or organising.
  • Goggles Optional is a science podcast produced by Stanford graduate students in diverse fields. They're always looking for new hosts and writers, so feel free to reach out to them!
  • The Stanford Optical Society's outreach activities include wicked optics demos and other engaging events.
  • Stanford's Office of Science Outreach maintains a catalogue of outreach activities throughout the University.
Just one more thing: We put together frequently asked questions about graduate housing at Stanford.